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Lluís Pinardel

President at IMAT, Construction Technology Center

Lluís Pinardel

Our main objective is to deepen the industrialization of the construction process

Early last March, the IMAT, the Construction Technology Center (Cataluña, Spain), elected as new president Lluís Pinardel, Piera Ecocerámica CEO, a corporate patron of the Centre. In this interview Pinardel us closer to the technological innovation activities and promotion of industrialization from the Imat promoting a set of manufacturers of building products.

To introduce our readers IMAT, Construction Technology Center, you can tell how this center was created, who is composed and what are its main activities?

The IMAT was created in response to an initiative by a group of manufacturers of building products. Specifically, we are now 19 companies that integrate the center along with ITEC and two departments of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Our business is based on the transfer of technology to companies in order to improve
their competitiveness, based on the opportunities arising from technological leap of the construction process through research, knowledge and technology services. As a technology center is a member of the technique (Xarxa Catalunya Technology) and Technology Centers Registry (Ministry of Science and Innovation).

Its scope covers just activity in Catalonia or extended throughout Spain and even internationally?

The activity of IMAT pays special attention to Catalan companies, but it is by definition international in character since one hand, we seek knowledge wherever it can be but, of course, we transfer to anywhere in the world. In these years we have conducted research projects for companies in other European countries have also established partnerships with international technology centers.

You have just been named president and obvious question is to know what are your expectations from this new position and what projects you would like to start?

The IMAT is a young technology center just five years since he was born in May 2006, so our commitment is to develop the strategic plan and generate the highest possible response to our surroundings. That means attracting talent for research projects, generating further accessions of companies in the construction sector and also to sensitize all stakeholders in the sector on the benefits it has for innovation in construction.
Another goal is to begin to realize these years and efforts involved in obtaining patents to monetize the work done.

What is the approach that has the IMAT construction? What criteria should continue to consider the construction?

Our main objective is to deepen the industrialization of the construction process. This means creating components or products that meet specific conditions to be incorporated into an industrialized process. That is, research to create products that are compatible with a unique mounting system and, of course, comply. In short, we work to foster a new way to build.

If a person or a company has developed a technological innovation for the construction sector in what way can
lend support or advice on IMAT?

The IMAT has its power to support those who want to develop a product to the world of construction and in the field can help a lot. We can collaborate on product development from the beginning to the end and putting in work to make this collaboration a part of the development. The Imat has experts in all areas: thermal, acoustic, environmental, regulatory, CTE (Technical Building Code), structural, etc ... Through foresight and vigilance division can advise you on what exists in the world market on a particular application or deploying existing products to the application you are developing, as well as do market research the product in question
and assess the future market acceptance. The IMAT also can help them manage public support for research and development for your project.

What services does the Center construction specifiers (architects, technicians, engineers, constructors, ...)?

Technology centers have as their main recipient of corporate activities, in this sense act as partners of all practitioners or prescribers of the sector. Another thing is the interest of Imat, in particular, in bringing
the knowledge resulting from research to the whole sector and in particular prescribers and they must be those that propose the use of new products and systems in working the IMAT.

Among the many projects that the Centre has started, and since our magazine focuses on energy efficiency and renewables in the building, what stand out in these camps?

As one of the units that work is Imat energy efficiency and renewables. In this field, so do its own research projects rated as technology transfer companies. We can cite, among others, the project Ecohabitat Territorial Cooperation Programme of the South-East European Space (SUDOE) on the cluster of companies interested in promoting sustainable building products based on, also the isolated building vs. building project sobreaislado monitoring and control compared to two buildings, within the European project POLICITY.
Other projects are available at www.imat.cat

Of all the areas related to the construction that the Imat researches and develops, what fields Spain occupies a place of reference in today?

The scope of activity and the knowledge derived Imat, even though cross is focused mainly construction products, from this point of view is difficult to identify areas that could be defined in reference, not in
the Imat, but on the whole country. What I venture to quote, at least as important is the project that \"defends” IMAT: search in the field of new technologies enhancing the industrialization of the construction process. Hopefully in a few years as reference we can tackle.

2012/09/28 by Gloria Llopis