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BISOROCKET - the latest Bisotherm innovation for apartment buildings construction

Title: BISOROCKET - the latest Bisotherm innovation for apartment buildings construction

For years, too few apartments have been built in Germany, so that in the medium-and long-term there is the threat of a housing shortage, especially in urban areas. While the number of single-family, double and row houses still barely meet the demand, there was and is not enough invested to meet the anticipated demand in multi-family housing construction.

Numerous studies have shown that the need for affordable housing, despite to the demographic changes will continue to increase over the next 20 years. Additionally, homes specifically for the elderly and infirm are needed, that can often not be effectively provided through simple restoration of the old stock but only by building new .

According to current building practices, such multifamily houses are often built out of heavy building materials with an additional exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS). However Bisotherm has taken up this challenge and
developed a new brick, that satisfies the requirements for structural, thermal and sound insulation of apartment building construction. Bisotherm is known for its history of innovative and high quality developments for which it has
demonstrated the best values in the market. Bisotherm does not rest on its laurels, but instead constantly develops new products with even better properties.
The latest successful "pitch" from Bisotherm has the dynamic name "BISOROCKET", which refers to its particular shape. It is a hollow block made of lightweight concrete, whose chambers are filled with insulating material
with a unique central chamber that is moved so far that a rocket shape is formed. On one side the stone shape lends its name, on the other, a critical technical problem is solved: the problem of thermal bridges in the joints.

Traditional bricks in the butt joint area today are mostly joined using the "crunching" technique, i.e. in the case of lightweight concrete blocks, two outer ends meet that form a heat-or cold bridge between the outer and inner surface of the masonry. While in the in-between area insulation filling provides excellent thermal insulation, the heat escapes relatively unhindered in the area of the joints. To solve this problem, the continuous butt joints must
be interrupted. This is achieved using BISOROCKET in a surprisingly simple manner by moving the inner chamber along the longitudinal direction of the masonry, so that, when viewed twodimensionally, the insulation material filled chambers overlap and the unhindered outflow of heat is prevented.