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Fonon Introduces CleanTech Titan, the Large Format Platform for Surface Cleaning and Preparation.

 Fonon Technologies, Inc. today announced the release of CleanTech™ Titan, the latest in their CleanTech product line.  Marketed under the Laser Photonics brand, the industrial-grade CleanTech laser products are used for surface preparation, paint removal, and surface cleaning. CleanTech Titan is based on Laser Photonics’ large stationary flatbed platform with sizes up to a 6’ x 13’ flatbed.

The large format allows for applications such as cleaning automotive tire rims, mold cleaning, phlanges for the oil and gas industry, or even sheets for a hull. CleanTech laser systems offer a non-abrasive cleaning system that is safer, easier, and more eco-friendly than traditional methods of surface cleaning. Incorporating proprietary Flexion technology allows the CleanTech systems to clean materials more quickly and more fully than other systems on the market.

“Fonon is proud to offer yet another CleanTech system for those who specifically need large format, high throughput equipment.” said Dmitriy Nikitin, CEO of Fonon. “Now we have a complete product line to offer companies anywhere from small machine shops to large global corporations.”

Some of the features and benefits of the CleanTech Titan include a Direct Drive Motion System, an integrated laser and cooling system, and industrial-grade reliablility with a MTBF of 100,000 hours.

Included in the product line are the CleanTech Megacenter, also a stationary unit, and the portable CleanTech Handheld which is useful in the field or on the factory floor. Made in the USA, the CleanTech systems operate with full compliance to OSHA, FDA, CDRH conforming to “Push a Button” laser safety industrial operation.  The CleanTech systems offer Class 1 enclosures for the Class 4 lasers.  Additionally, CleanTech has an integrated dust and residue collection system and can allow for a 3D scanner option to clean parts with complicated shapes.