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GREYWATER launches Grewa-R-S; Sewage Treatment Plant


GREYWATER, a Mumbai based specialized technology company that pioneers the next generation products for sewage and wastewater treatment has launched Grewa-R-S a next generation, packaged and fully automatic sewage treatment plant.
In its efforts to ensure water sustainability for the world, GREYWATER strives to fundamentally change the way the world treats sewage, wastewater and effluent by applying technology to develop revolutionary products such as Grewa-R-S that provide a one point solution to all the problems related to treatment and recycling of sewage and waste water.
“We at GREYWATER understand that price is an important factor in success of a technology. Through our intensive R&D efforts we are now able to provide a revolutionary product Grewa- R-S at the same price as that of conventional technology. Grewa-R-S is built on the same SBR technology platform as our future ready product Grewa-R and has most of its unique features such as capability to handle variable loads (10% to 110% of design capacity), low footprint, low
operating and maintenance cost and fully automated and robust operations. Our R ranges of products are the only products in India to offer complete remote monitoring and control.” said Vikrum Kishore –Executive Director
“Most of the conventional technologies available in the market today have inconsistent performance and problematic operations. In that respect Grewa-R-S is an amazing product as it ensures consistent availability of recycle and reuse ready output water at considerably lower cost per liter. Moreover with Grewa-R-S priced at the same level as conventional technology, I am confident that the Grewa-R-S has the potential to become a mainstream go to product for the customers.” said MD of a Leading International MEP consulting company in India.
Funded by Nexus Venture Partners, GREYWATER is a first of its kind company in India to realize the need to invest resources to develop technology that will make water recycling and reuse a mainstream part of all residential and commercial facilities. 
Greywater is a specialized technology company operating in the field of Wastewater, Sewage and Effluent treatment. Funded by Nexus Venture partners, GREYWATER has pioneered the next generation treatment technology for application in Hospitality, Commercial, Hospitals, SEZ, IT parks, Residential and Industrial segments.
GREYWATER offers compact, packaged, plug & play products for sewage, wastewater, effluent and water treatment that significantly reduces space footprint by 30 % to 70 % and energy requirements by 40% to 50% compared to conventional plants. These plants are designed and built to handle variable loads and require minimal manual intervention. Clients include prestigious corporates such as Dahej SEZ, Mahindra Holidays, Oberoi Realty, Gemco Power, Unitech, Leighton Welspun to name a few.