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Indra designs an urban platform for smart city government

Indra, the top technology multinational company in Spain and one of the biggest in Europe and Latin America, has designed an Urban Interoperability Platform (UOIP) to integrate and manage all services and solutions comprising at city ecosystem. This great management centre aids different systems to exchange information so as to offer a comprehensive activity overview. This integration brings up a more efficiency in providing services as well as a  improved quality as a result of the coordination of resources available in the city.

This platform also includes analysis tools to pilot behaviour in the city (inhabitants, facilities, traffic, etc.) with regard to the use of services in order to adapt these proactively to real needs. Atenea joins Indra knowledge about services management to citizens as it integrates all business areas in the city such as mobility, infraestructure management, security and emergency, environment and government.

The technology platform brings together Indra's expertise in developing similar solutions designed to interconnect different information systems for smart city requirements. For example, urban traffic control, safety at emergencies and e-government and health, alongside other company technology that has come out of R&D&i projects.

The technology multinational’s Atenea solution has been designed with two different but complementary approaches. Firstly, the design has been based on Indra's Hermes system. This solution provides mobility management centres with the monitoring of different subsystems and continuous detection of traffic changes and public transport, prioritising or managing different mixed means of transport such as buses or public bicycles.

Secondly, it is based on recent results from European R&D project SOFIA (Smart Objects For Intelligent Applications), where Indra has taken part.  This open  source service integration software package is based on semantic web technology, interoperability and intelligent sensor networks that enable automation for cities and its ecosystem (citizens, buildings and cars, as well as providing intelligent tailored services over mobile devices, for example, smart phones.

The Indra Urban Platform stands as an integration centre where information from three large system modules comes together: measurement and sensor equipment installed across the city, the coordinated service management modules offering global solutions for the city and, lastly, city analysis systems (control centres, analytics and scorecards) which collect information from the previous subsystems to provide critical information for city management.

Integral solution for smart cities

Indra's extensive experience in providing technology services in cities enables it to offer a comprehensive integrated solution for smart cities that has been successfully introduced in many locations around the world. In developing a smart city, Indra begins with a strategic plan, which is designed in collaboration with the city, and  includes  technological and organizational areas as well as services and citizen participation.

As part of the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona last November, Indra presented its Smart Card prototype, an intelligent contactless card based on RFID technology enabling single integrated access to all Smart City services requiring payment, identification and access control.

Its partners include the CISEM (Integrated Safety and Emergency Centre of Madrid), the CUCC (Single Emergency Coordination and Control Centre) in Buenos Aires that cover safety and emergency planning in these cities. In addition, Indra has developed  specific solutions for intelligent urban traffic and public transport management in Spain, Colombia, China, Brazil, Chile, Mexico or Peru. Pamplona.

The company has also set up initiatives in the area of smart grids and energy efficiency with highlights including the design for the intelligent network plan in Peru, the 3E Houses project for efficient energy management in public housing; the SPEED system, (Smart Platform for Efficient Energy Distribution), in Madrid, which allows a better managements of the medium voltage network, distributed generation services and demand response analysis; electric vehicle recharging solution and the intelligent systems for electricity business management that are being introduced at companies in Spain and Latin America.

In addition, Indra holds the top spot in digital health in Spain, exporting it to other countries such as Bahrain (with I-SEHA system which provides coverage around for 1,2 million persons), Chile, the Philippines and Morocco.

Software | 2013/01/04 by Gloria Llopis