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New concrete waffle slab HOLEDECK

Title: New concrete waffle slab HOLEDECK

The idea is simple: why do you have to lose space? Why not place the facilities pipes into the slab? The patented solution is a new concrete structure where reusable molds can be dismantled to create a riddled hole structure, where facilities can be introduced. This new structure type, Holedeck, allows for a cheaper and more sustainable way to build. It saves about 40cm in height every floor and as a result it also makes savings on the quantities needed for facades and partition walls. It is especially suitable for sustainable facilities such as solar energy.

The standard Holedeck module is 80x80 cm in horizontal layout, 45 cm high and 5 to 10 cm for compression layer. The span for this slab can be 8-14 m in both directions without beams ( we recommend not more of 12 m, in order to make the reinforcement process easier) .

Alarcon+Asociados, a Spanish architecture office, have developed and patented this new structure internationally. It eliminates the need for ceilings as it is not necessary to hang air conditioning, lighting, electricity or water pipes. Vicente Marquez (the first person who used Holedeck for his new office building: Logytel) compared this new system to a wooden coffered ceiling. He left the structure at plain view, as the structure hides the facilities pipes. It reminds others of the internal morphology for bones.

Thanks to the holes of the structure, 55 percent of concrete volume is saved compared with a solid slab, decreasing the dead load of the slab. No specialized labor is required (any specialized concrete contractor can manufacture  it).

To know Holedeck see video