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Private clinics to use new Necon and Indra cloud efficiency solution to save energy

The Spanish Federation of Private Clinics (FNCP) will provide its more than 300 members with the first cloud application designed to diagnose actual energy consumption needs and adapt contracts. inGIVE electric, the solution developed by Indra and NECON Energía, is offered in the SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, following registration in inGIVE's marketplace (www.ingivecompany.com), and provides all the economic, accessibility and availability advantages of its location in the cloud.

This application is the first of a series of products created under inGIVE, a joint initiative formed by Indra and NECON Energía to develop solutions oriented towards energy efficiency based on the latest technologies. 

inGIVE electric facilitates diagnoses for the reduction of energy costs and a report on the actual consumption of the company and its electricity contract with the supply company in order to adjust actual demand and reduce consumption costs. According to NECON Energía's estimates, if companies act on the recommendations, they can reduce their electricity bills by over 25% without any initial layout.

All that is required to carry out a diagnosis is the customer's data and last twelve electricity bills, which contain all the load curve and actual consumption information. The tool can then assess exactly what the company or entity needs for its activity, compare it to the electricity consumption it has contracted and rate the contract. That is, it breaks down the fixed, variable and actual costs according to actual consumption, not contracted consumption. Moreover, inGIVE electric studies give priority to the reactive power the company produces in order to prevent not only economic penalties, but also damage to the installations.

The companies are provided with a report with recommendations on their management conditions, an assessment of efficiency with respect to their energy usage and an estimate that indicates whether their contract is the best in the market in relation both to the amounts they pay and their needs.


Software | 2012/10/03 by Gloria Llopis