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Sterling Generators presents its Solar CSS Solutions

Title: Sterling Generators presents its Solar CSS Solutions

The importance of solar power as a renewable energy source is rapidly growing globally. Solar power is generated at low voltage DC levels and transformed up to medium voltages for network distribution. The transformation of Power from less than 1000VDC to 11/33KV HVAC is being done at local substation comprising of Inverter, Transformer and HT Panel. Conventionally all these equipments are erected and integrated at site. Sterling Generators, one of the largest manufacturers of HT / LT Panels & DG Sets in Asia, is proud to present its latest offering – SG Solar CSS.

The SG Solar CSS completely eliminates the site work by offering a pre-connected integrated solution. The Solar CSS boasts of a compact enclosure that houses an inverter, transformer, and a highly reliable RMU/HT Panel. The Solar CSS comes with a remote monitoring option which makes it a state of the art and safe to handle power generation machine.

Sterling Generators have always been pioneers and value engineers when it comes to building and implementing complicated projects for DG sets and Panels. With the Solar CSS, Sterling Generators have gone a step further in its quest for quality by manufacturing a solar compact substation that’s a plug and play kind of a device to suit your power generation needs. The Solar CSS is a modular device with max capacity of 2MW; however multiple units can be used to augment the capacity. Easy to set up and maintain, the Solar CSS is a one stop solution for your power generation needs. Sterling Generators have partnered with the market leader in Inverter technology to develop a very safe and reliable power generation instrument in the form of the Solar CSS.

Commenting on the Solar CSS from Sterling Generators, Mr. Sanjay Jadhav, President, Sterling and Wilson Powergen Pvt. Ltd. says, “The Solar CSS is a technologically superior and environmentally conscious compact substation. It’s an easy to maintain, plug to play kind of a device that comes in a thermally insulated high strength enclosure, thus ensuring the safety and convenience of use, suited to meet the highest requirements of our esteemed customers in a cost effective manner.”

Generally, most of the solar plants are installed under very tight time lines hence the Solar CSS promises to increase the project execution efficiency to a great extent and helps its customers in faster completion of the project thus maximizing their cost benefits. The Solar CSS available ratings are 1.26 MW, 1.75 MW, and 2.0 MW. The SG Solar CSS makes for a very sturdy, safe, and reliable compact substation. Truly, the Solar CSS is inspired by your needs, powered by technology.